transcriptionIt’s a process that basically involves conversion of audio files of a particular professinal regarding the relevant profession in to text format. We mainly provide it for meetings as well as a recorded proceedings for English and translate the content in to other languages.
If you need transcriptions services we can help you with our local transcription service in Kenya for languages like: Swahili, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Chinese, Arabic just to mention a few. We can also offer an executive transcription services for a little additional fee. Our low pricing structure standard per minute rates makes it easy for you to be able to estimate cost and when the job is received the team supervisor will contact you within few hours with a detailed quote. We use the best Kenyan transcriptionist because we find the higher accuracy and faster transcription rates that they can constantly maintain allows us to offer industry leading prices and handle even the largest jobs efficiently and within an accurate rate of greater than 97%.

 Industry leading transcriptionist
 Fully trained transcriptionist
 Locally based
 Fast turn around
 Large or small jobs

Medical transcriptions
The medical field is one of the leading market for transcription services, requires dedicated medically literate transcriptionists trained in the field of anatomy, medical terms and procedures. Medical transcriptionists in Kenya are also a mixture of languages and heavily accented English that only locally experienced staff from diverse areas can cope with and maintain the needed accuracy. We offer rates that makes it feasible for medical personal medical practise and clinics to outsource their medical transcription needs saving money and providing a more robust transcription services. There is no extra costs except the per minute transcription rate and we are happy to completely take over your transcription needs, work as an overflow service or just provide one off support when your regular employees are un available.

 Affordable rates
 High quality transcriptionists
 Technically literate personnel
 Available anytime
 Multiple language available

General transcription service
There are many everyday situation where recording audio and having it transcribed can save time and money as well as providing records for what transpired. This applies to any change audio into written transcript to be published in relation to its kind e.g. promotional literature. Our experienced team can help with transcription in Kenyan’s many language groups and also translate from one language to another allowing a conference in Swahili or English to be available to other speakers. Charges are very reasonable and the files can be turned around in only a few days or faster for a small additional fee. When the data is in a written form then it can be used in different ways: sales presentation, reports, marketing research and educational seminars can be converted to print and processed much more easily than from audio recording. We have specific team members that have skills in areas such as legal, medical, business research so that they can be tasked with work that requires their particular skills.

 Business transcription
 Legal transcription
 Interviews
 Conferences
 Academic transcription