Scribing & Rapporteuring

interpretingScribing is a technique used in the corporate world to visually document concepts in a graphic format. A scribe works using markers pens to map conversations live at events, interpreting and drawing ideas quickly, using pictures, diagrams and symbols to make ideas visible and accessible. As the brainstorming session flows, “scribes” translate the main ideas of the conversation into keywords and graphics. The exercise is dynamic in helping to capture concepts that are sometimes lost in a flow of words. It also helps to reinforce thoughts for people who are visual learners.
It is a dynamic, spectacular and truly enlightening method of documenting events as they happen. If you’re organising an event, large or small, and you’re looking for new ways to engage and collaborate with your audience, live scribing is a uniquely powerful tool.
Armed with pens and a surface to draw on (or their digital equivalents, stylus and tablet), our scribes listen carefully, process what they hear, and draw their interpretation on the spot. Their aim is not simply to take notes, but to gain a deep understanding of the issue at hand, capture it truthfully, and present it in a way that facilitates further thought and discussion.
When ideas are documented visually they take on a solidity and permanence that’s hard to achieve with the written word. Stories emerge, interesting new connections form between issues you thought were unrelated, and existing ideas come together to form new ones. 


If you need a brief, accurate and readable record of a conference or seminar that captures the key points – something you can send out quickly to sponsors and stakeholders after the event? We pride ourselves on delivering services that are professional, efficient and accurate with excellent turnaround times, at very reasonable rates. We are also committed to maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction at all times. The value is getting an out-come based conference, strategic planning or training report to act on and implement immediately. We have extensive experience in providing rapporteuring services for all types of events ranging from one-day event workshops to five day international conferences and meetings.