Website Localization

Website-LocalizationWebsite localization is the process of adapting an existing website to a particular local language and culture in the targeted market. Adapting the website into a different linguistic and cultural context for companies seeking an international online marketing presence. since the internet offers unprecedented opportunities for global expansion, it involves more than a simple translation of a text. The modification process must reflect a given language, its cultural preferences in the content, images and the whole organization this is done in an effort to make the website look more natural to its viewers despite the cultural disparity. ,as of now more than 70% of all the internet usage is outside the united states with more than 55 % of internet users based in Asia or Europe. If your company’s website exists in only one language then you are missing millions of potential customers for your business. For companies seeking to establish themselves in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian, Italian as well as other countries in Asian markets, localized web content is very essential for them. We will then take the international responsibility of your website with a full array of translation and localization services. After evaluating your site carefully taking in to account key international target audience, our staff will provide you with cost effective plan for creating and fine-tuning its linguistic content and creation of graphics in international languages. Our team will culturally adapt all your text so that slag, idioms and colloquialisms are conveyed effectively in the targeted language. We can therefore translate your website in to any international language you wish.