aliphaxedirectorAs the director of Aliphaxe Centre, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the exciting world of different languages. The language and communication skills are two of the most important skills available to the organization and their employees. The changes in the global market place and workforce demographics are a accentuating the need to leverage human enterprise as competitive differentiator. Investing in language training is paramount in facilitating performance, increasing efficiency and competitive advantage.
Aliphaxe centre one of the best language centre in Kenya, specializes in helping individuals and organizations (private and public) to solve the language paradox among other services. We provide innovative, research based language solutions that without doubt affect ways in which individuals and organization operate and communicate. Very often employers are presented with solutions on how they can up-skills and train their employees to ultimately enable them communicate effectively within and outside workplace. Apart from providing a dynamic and international learning environment, we also improve our client skills and knowledge. Our strict quality requirements ensure a high standard of language courses and services through experienced and highly qualified staff.
In response to addressing market changes, we keep improving the service we provide to our customers. We have also added new course offered in many of our modules-add in an effort to cater to the ever-increasing desire to learn in the world.


To enhance international integration by breaking communication barrier, create career and business opportunities for individuals and organizations by initiating cultural integration through initiating global business interactions.

To be the best and the leading communication, digital advertising and language training hub in Africa.

Our Slogan

Enhancing career and business opportunities by breaking international communication barriers”.